Other Services



The multiannual cooperation with Gusmitta & Associati has allowed the Firm to expand the number of services that can be provided to our clients both through the trust company, Recofid S.r.l., for the registration of assets administered in trust, and, especially, the distinguished and renowned activity  of the  labour and employment  law consultancy division, managed by Mrs Cristina Gusmitta, and the operational services division.

Thanks to the partnership with Gusmitta & Associati, Gusmitta & Pallante can provide all services necessary for the startup and management of companies and subsidiaries in Italy.


Consulting in Employment and Labour Legislation

The employment and labour law consultancy division provides assistance in the opening of tax and insurance positions and in the hiring and wage/salary setting. The firm also provides consultancy in matters regarding the transfer and detachment of foreign workers to Italy and the management of individual and collective disputes with workers.

Operational services:

Accountig Data Processing

Drafting of the general accounts and of the different entries requested by the tax legislation, periodical reporting to the head office.

Processing of Wages/Salaries and Contributions

Fulfillment of all tasks regarding relations with personnel.

Administrative Matters

Assistance in the executions of all tasks and procedures involved in the carrying out of the activity (enrollment in the various registers, administrative authorizations, licenses, request for fiscal and V.A.T.  numbers etc.).

Corporate Organisation

Assistance in the singling out and solving of administrative problems resulting from the startup of the activity. Assistance in the adoption of management control systems. Planning of  economic and financial budgets.


Specific training of employees and staff members in administrative, tax and organizational areas.