Firm Profile


Gusmitta & Pallante is a Milan based boutique law firm established in 1999 as liaison between Studio Legale Pallante, law firm founded in 1933 by Mr. Giuseppe Pallante, and Gusmitta & Associati, tax lawyers accountants and auditors since 1954.

It's goal is to offer a wide range of services both to Italian and foreign clients, binding the experiences of firms having similar backgrounds,  Mr. Alessandro N. Pallante belonging to the fourth generation of lawyers in the Pallante family (the first one being Mr. Edoardo Pallante, back in the early years of the 20th  century), whereas the Gusmitta family, thanks to Mr. Paolo Gusmitta , has now reached the third generation of tax lawyer accountants and auditors.

Legal, Tax and Financial consultancy, although tightly bounded to each other, now require a very specific knowledge that only many years of specific experience "on the field" can give.

This is the reason why, rather than merging into a single firm, we believe a very close cooperation between Gusmitta & Pallante and Gusmitta & Associati  may guarantee higher quality services to our clients.