Tax Consulting



Tax and corporate consulting, consulting in employment and  labour legislation, trust activity, accounting data processing and other related services are provided by the Gusmitta & Associati Group

Gusmitta & Associati, established in Milan in 1954 by Mr. Pierluigi Gusmitta, has been operating in the tax and corporate field for three generations and provides  both consulting and business services .

Tax, corporate and financial consulting:

Corporate Consulting

Choice of the most suitable form of company among the various types provided for by the Italian Law. Opening and management of permanent establishments of foreign companies. Drafting of statutory and non-statutory agreements. Ordinary management of companies (appointment and renewal of corporate bodies; drawing up of the balance sheets and carrying out of the formalities for their formal deposit before the competent authorities; management of the corporate books and assistance in the drafting of the minutes of the corporate meetings; conferral of proxies). Planning of corporate operations (acquisitions, mergers, divisions, assignments). Terms of agreements regarding domestic and international relations.

Corporate Tax Consulting

Assistance in the carrying out of all tax formalities. Newsletters regarding the main taxation legislative novelties.

Personal Tax Consulting

Carrying out of the periodical tax formalities. Family settlements and succession planning.

EC and International Tax Consulting

The European Community legislation regarding value added taxes. Interpretation and application of the treaties against double taxation.

Tax aspects of the establishment by foreign investors of companies in Italy.  Taxation and social security for foreign agents working in Italy.

Tax Litigation

Pleading before the tax commission and the tax offices.

Financial Consulting

Assistance in the negotiation with banks of terms and conditions of all contracts. Singling out of the sources of financing. Optimization of the liquidity management.

Trust Activity

Trust registration of share holdings. Administration of trust funds.